Hi! My name is Natasha!

So how did the veils begin? I guess technically it didn't start with veils, but an experiment! I have a younger brother in seminary and I was wondering if it was possible to embroider the lace I would see on antique surplices (surplicii?). After realizing it would take me several years to do that lace, I took on a smaller project of embroidering a veil for my sister in law for Christmas, and I have been making veils ever since!

When the great cathedrals and basilicas of the Catholic Church were being built, stone by stone, it was usually the case that those who begun the project did not live to see it finished. Queens and other noblewomen would almost compete for how many years it took for an embroidered vestment to finish (25+ years) due to the sheer amount.

There was this expectation that when it comes to art and the church, you give it your all, make it as beautiful as you can, and take the time to do it right.